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22 June 2014 052554 GMT+0530

Your frown costs 600 million Rupees. Stop that frown…. What I can do is hold that frown against the humble 50 paise coin and accept it with a smile. Each smile, smiled on each occasion, accumulates to Rs. 600 million time and again….


A Year of Limitless Possibilities ….The smile felt like a flash of a million possibilities between the scores of limitations being projected from all around. His gleaming face seemed to be shouting “TRUST ME!”. My decision too flipped in no time….


god in the dirt ! The puppy turned around and looked into my eyes again. This time I felt a rare gleam in it’s eyes. My mind went blank for a while. I felt it was the God which got into its gut just now, who gleamed through its eyes….

15 August 2014 053234 GMT+0530

A Welcome Note to the Next Level of Independence  ….Much later I got into what we all call; the struggle of life. With all this struggles what I found, it is the state of being poor rather poorer which is the very cause of struggle…..


Freedom for Data…. Still I found myself confused; is there so much wickedness in what I’m going to receive. I put myself in a satirical situation to check what is this all about….


A SUPERior CMDB…. While using the CMDB, it felt to resemble to a multi-crop farm which seeds, cultivate and flourish the Business Services Info! So the analogue of this multi-crop farm found to be best to begin with….

8 August 2014 105542 GMT+0530

The good – Better – BEST Bank Fixed Deposit  ….Before publishing this post, when I reviewed the bank rates….“SBI JIT FIXED DEPOSIT” IS BACK ON THE TOP!!!

31 May 2014 124804 GMT+0530

Earn 10% from your Savings Account! 10% !!! ….Don’t compromise for the mere 4%….Every morning I wake hearing the rattle of 10 messages, each bringing 2 Rs. into my Account….




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