A Limitless Year

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A Year of Limitless Possibilities….

Limitless Possibilities

“Avan rakshapettu”(he escaped)…. I was so happy to hear this phrase with such crispiness. This was the the reply from my son, when the I told “avan poyi”(he went). Our evenings include a mortal combat against mosquitoes. And there is specific reason for this revenge.

Of-course I too understand this isn’t exceptional from a 2 year old, though it is good. But for me, I preserve a reason to be so happy and proud. Karma’s face keeps on proclaiming…. we are full of possibilities not limitations. 2014 cleared all the doubts, I had been nesting for a while.

All this while the world around us had n number of doubts upon him…. I think it started with: Hasn’t he turned over on his stomach…. Why don’t you try flipping him on stomach…. I asked them, like a dosa on the tawa! Young guy, you are already one year old and haven’t you started sitting upright! Born in Dec 2012, for him 2013 was a year of many many unanswered questions, from all around.

Though I worried a lot about this, I stopped giving mindful ears to these rattles long back. Karma was nearing his first birthday. He couldn’t manage to sit upright then. With so much nagging, I decided to take the advice of his doctor. The doctor asked one question, whether the boy crawl backwards. Our answer was, no. He straightaway referred Karma to a rehabilitation centre. The sudden prescription of the doctor baffles me even now. Of-course many of them out there just TREAT situation or disease not THE PERSON.

My mind was blank which kept on switching; whether or not. Any how we reached there. Please mind, I didn’t have any disgust on the less fortunate little ones we met there. I was on the way to office that day and had a constrain of time. The place was crowded and the receptionist told…. getting a quick appointment is difficult. With all those physically challenged buddies sitting around, we too had little interest in jumping the queue. The receptionist told that I could do a registration paying Rs.500 and she would help to get a prioritised appointment.

Half-minded, I filled the form and went to the counter to pay the fees. Karma was in my arms. I took the wallet out of my pocket and pulled a note of Rs.500. In fraction of seconds he flipped the note from my hand and gave a smile, looking at my face. The smile felt like a flash of a million possibilities between the scores of limitations being projected from all around. His gleaming face seemed to be shouting “TRUST ME!”. My decision too flipped in no time. I took the note back from him with a smile and slipped it back into my wallet. I thanked the receptionist and said that we might return at a later time and left.

The first thing I did as I reached home…. I tore the form I filled…. certifying… possibly my son is a physically challenged.

In the autumn of 2014 Karma learned to sit upright. Later when he started to crawl on his knees, we proudly told his grandma. The immediate question was. “Are you still crawling. When are you going to walk upright! You are too slow for your age.” I was driven out of my mind. I decided to keep the pleasures of his future milestones be just with us.


Time literally flied in 2014! That is what I feel when I look back and remember how much things Karma has squeezed into it. In the second half of 2014 he started walking upright and by now he can communicate his needs in 3 languages…. Malayalam…. Marathi…. Hindi…. I am often put in awe when he says something to his Amma (mother) in Marathi and soon translates into Malayalam when he find her confused! My real surprise was, against the predictions of many, he pushed his limits staying the whole day in the two room flat attended only by his care-taker….

Jit & Karma
Jit & Karma


A welcome note to 2015 for all…. Let it be a year of many many possibilities over few many limitations.




Young parents of new-born babies, wish if you would return to this page as I will be updating this with few charts and info. I found them very informative and soothing in the times of great confusion. Your experiences as comments will be highly appreciated as it might become a bright ray of hope to a parent in a time of utter confusion.






5 thoughts on “A Limitless Year

    1. Thanks Vinay, for sharing so liberal words for us. Life in 2013 seemed to be a forced first time surfing, in a rough sea, without a coach around. 2014 said that surfing comes naturally as we adored the sea, day in day out. One intention for the post was sharing an insight into parenthood for new parents especially those who don’t have coach around. While striving best to excel in their new roles, when they feel so confused…. just sit back relaxed and let the Nature take over.

      Today are to be lived to the fullest but the world is for tomorrows. So the little ones are born with million capabilities for million possibilities! Just trust them!!

      Please share this message, especially to young parents, if you feel I had expressed it in a good way.



  1. Dear Mr. Vijay Thakur,

    When I was writing this post, the little one who came into your life recently, came to my thoughts every now and then.

    Perhaps for your generosity, your interactions inspired me a lot.

    This post belongs to the little soul there as well.

    Thanks & regards,



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