God in the Dirt !

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god in the dirt !


Wondered the Fool in My Heart….

Gita said this!? Right ?!

When I lose the visibility of karma thus….

Hey! I will shoot that crow down. Seeing that dirty thing on my bike, my mind bursted out. It seemed like the leg of a big crab with flies hovering all over. My brains choked with anger upon the dirty crow which dropped this mess. I took a dried leaf and with big disgust, pushed the dirt away to the ground. I felt relieved to get some tissues from my bag and did a thorough cleaning of the seat.

As I saw the dirty thing lying on the ground a sense of pity and grief struck me. The painful death of the crab and its strewn apart leg….

Let I regain the visibility of karma thus….


A puppy which came running from somewhere gave a swing in the mood. As it looked into my eyes, my heart felt light. It sniffed all over the ground and Oh! it took that dirty thing in its mouth. Gave a few bites and gulped it. The puppy turned around and looked into my eyes again. This time I felt a rare gleam in it’s eyes. My mind went blank for a while. I felt it was the God which got into its gut just now, who gleamed through its eyes. The big disgust; by now turned into a big repent and then prayer.


I believe…. food speaks no less loudly than God. Let hunger hit me for two days, not by will but by chance. Thus when my gut gets so emptied and a dizziness start filling in my head, a serving of the food feels high above the God.


And let I find my master in anything thus….

The little creature went on sniffing the ground here and there and gave a glaring look twice or thrice. The last time it pounced it’s little paws on my bike and gave a close look into my eyes. This time I felt that it had something to say. I could make it out …. “When all of us could execute our karma with such calm, what from the heaven cooks up your mind. That too, with little reason.”

I could feel…. the rage I felt on the crow dissolving in the air around. I no more felt pity for the crab. Even the feelings for this little dog blacked out. Total spell bound! It took me a while to come out of it. Felt thousands of thoughts flashing through my mind. As a boy, I used to be in awe, thinking about Arjuna:, the warrior who could only see the eye of the bird he aimed at, nothing else in the universe for that while. When I grew up, I was in awe of his fortune to get Gita straight from the master.

I asked him whether the moments which unfolded just now is something which Gita speaks on. He replied just embrace Gita to know it. But beloved Arjuna:, let me  just savor the Gita in Sanskrit. Let me learn the Sanskrit then Gita. I wish to embrace Gita with the same elan you had.

Then might the message of Gita starts to unfold simplified as this!….

The Gita’s Message Simplified …. Touch the Image…. 🙂

(Courtesy to Sri. Devdutt Pattanaik and other astute artists behind this.)


Till then I wonder if the God would gleam thus, now and then, here and there. So I could keep my karma poised.


Mr. Ramesh Vyawahare whom we call with reverence Ramesh Kaka is the author of narration of Gita: ‘Ashi Samajhili Gita’. Kaka thanks for approving thus….







2 thoughts on “God in the Dirt !

  1. Greetings Jit !! Your messages make me ponder, and are very thought provoking. I recall a image that I’d once seen somewhere on social media, it was a face, you can see a frown on the face; and the same image when viewed upside down, you will see it Smiling 🙂 . This article too was interesting, and food for mind.


    1. Greetings Pratik, towards the so simple thing called life.
      Of late I always keep on wondering how I could ease of into it.

      Wish a FreeWill 🙂


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