Freedom for DATA

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23 April 2015 034637 GMT+0530

why NET NEUTRALITY is My Prime Right


I know it…. Just let me Voice….

Respond hard to TRAI about this. (24th April 2015 is the deadline)

Sign the petition against this.

Net Neutrality
Let My Net be Neutral

Still I found myself confused; is there so much wickedness in what I’m going to receive. I put myself in a satirical situation to check what is this all about. On that Sunday, I took out my scooter and went out for a long drive to feel the mild chill of the early dawn. After a while I came across the fuel station and thought, let my fuel tank be full. As I rolled in, the new display pierced into my eyes. Part of it read….

Vehicle Application Price
Scooter No load ₹66.69
Scooter Single ₹76.69
Scooter With Pillion ₹96.69

Simply baffled, I asked the tender; WTF! He replied; Sir, Just as the display says, the FUEL IS NO MORE NEUTRAL. We are going to tap in more revenue from the fuel you buy, in terms of how extensively you are going to Apply it. I felt simply raging while telling; ridiculous but how are you going to know what all I’m going to do with my Scooter. His answer sent my head stirring. “The fuel you filled last time was already bugged, it keeps us updated on all the ‘where and how’ of your scooter in real time”. As this was fuel station I frequented, I felt like blasting out, but did in silence; “now you shove that pump in your as* h*le, fill that bugged fuel and ignite it”. I left there. I could no more feel the mild chill of the morning. I was just in the search of another fuel station. All that I could feel within was that perhaps I won’t be able to RIDE MY SCOOTER FREELY, as I used to. After getting into the fourth fuel station, run by the third different vendor, I came to know, they jointly have shoved the bugged thing in my as* h*le. I’m igniting it each time I kick start my scooter. By now the vroom of the vehicles all around felt like yelling at me, “FUEL IS NO MORE NEUTRAL”.

Now if my kirana shop-keeper takes a cue from all this and say the RICE I purchase IS NO MORE NEUTRAL. And it is bugged to keep on telling the story of its journey as, boiled rice / dosa / chakli through my digestive track till the sh*t h*le. So Saab; we are going to charge you differently for it, in terms of how luxuriously you are going to Apply it. I could only say is WTF (What’s The Fun :-)) going on….

Freedom for DATA
Freedom for DATA

These situations are hypothetical but are clear extensions of the how the telcos have messed up with the NET NEUTRALITY. But, this is same thing what is going to happen with the Data Pack which I’m going to refill the next time! They are going to bug/leech me, to get extras out of my pocket. Now, is this all about the violation of Net Neutrality. No. This the the violation of the Neutrality of Net at second degree. If telcos are allowed to charge me based on the application (Apps I use 🙂 ) of Internet, the violation of Net Neutrality at first degree will naturally follow. Telecos will accelerate the applications which generate revenue for them and put breakers on the others. Imagine, I am searching for India in Google and it takes a full 1 minute to get the result on my 3G connection! Otherwise you will have to pay for the Google search!! By then I would have surrendered all the Freedom of my Data. And the Net will be forced; not to consider all Data to be Equal. Net will lose its Neutrality.

Cause for more fear is TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India), supposed to be savior of the cause of Net Neutrality,  presumed to speak from us, the common man; seems to be partnered in this violation!! Otherwise why they need such a complex survey to stop this atrocity.

I’m not going to stop.

I am joining to stop this invasion on the Freedom for DATA…. I am going to….

Respond hard to TRAI about this. (24th April 2015 is the deadline they have set!)

Sign the petition against this.

Net Neutrality – The Defenition

Few clicks will make my voice heard…. Few phrases will make my contribution towards the change…. So that I can just,,,,


A FreeWil

Courtesy from the heart; to all those champions of Net Neutrality who had put their earnest FreeWill to make our protest registered in few mouse clicks.



3 thoughts on “Freedom for DATA

  1. Good insight into what is happening around the subject of net neutrality. But the language seems to be offensive!


    1. Myself, an Information Technology associate, for almost two decades now, too wondered; what was there so much to worry about this net neutrality and this new system of billing by the telcos. Even my peers, some of whom are more experienced in this field said, why to make so much noise on this; all that we may be asked is to pay some extra money on the sevices we use.

      As I thought in depth, it was not just the matter of few extra pennies, it turned to be an atrocity in which government machinery too seemed to be involved. It is an invasion on our Freedom at a different level. Rage from inside was natural. I wish this rage to spread to my peers. Rage that will ask to respond, not to stay inert…. Respond favouring the “Freedom for DATA”.


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